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 Useful for Walkers
Ancient Feet
by Alan Nolan
Published: 2008
Binding: Paperback, 272 Pages
Dimensions: 212 mm x 138 mm
RRP: �9.99
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Back to the Books Page Meet the Old Spice Boys - Dosh, Whinger, Shortly, Scaredy and Windy - five men who are, perhaps approaching their 'sell by' date, determined to prove that age is all in the mind. Together they set of to walk from one coast of England to the other.

Will their Ancient Feet carry them there? Will a diet of pies and pasties prove to be the right preparation for the physical challenge of walking over 190 miles? Will their friendship survive twelve days in each other's company? Why is one of them carrying three enormous onions? Following Alfred Wainwright's route across the north of England, their hilarious adventures unfold as one of them begins to believe he has much in common with his hero, particularly when he discovers that Mr Wainwright had an unusual, and unpublicised, encounter with a buzzard.

"Ancient Feet is an enjoyable romp through the countryside without any of the usual aches, pains or wet socks. Alan Nolan and his friends are terrific companions, so thanks to them for letting us readers tag along." - Nick Hancock

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